Announcing the NAIE Educational Interpreter Code of Ethics

August 16, 2021

NAIE is pleased to announce the Educational Interpreter Code of Ethics (EICOE) is now available online at The code is the result of two years of work as part of our strategic plan. The code was written by an appointed task force committee and final approval was made by the NAIE Board of Directors. On Saturday, August 14, the code was formally published and presented during the Summer Camp 2021 session “Foster Beneficence, Prevent Harm: The NAIE Code of Ethics for Educational Interpreters”. A recording of this presentation will be available soon.

NAIE is grateful to the task force members who have dedicated their time and efforts in developing the EICOE.  

  • Dr. Deborah Cates (Chair)
  • Dr. Michael Ballard
  • Dr. Beth Ann Monn
  • Frances Beaurivage
  • Barbara Woodhead

We also want to thank the many NAIE members and additional stakeholders who provided feedback and participated in the community checks focus groups. Your perspectives have ensured the code includes core values and principles unique to educational interpreting. 

NAIE is committed to promoting best practices and enhancing the education of deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind students. The code is designed to guide interpreters in upholding high ethical standards while considering the nuances of working in education. As a voluntary membership organization, NAIE does not enforce the EICOE for a number of reasons. However, in the coming months, we will be sharing more information on how the EICOE and other standards of professional practices, such as those outlined in Professional Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings, can be adopted within policies at the local and state levels. 

Please help us spread the word about the EICOE by sharing this information with your colleagues, supervisors, stakeholders, and others who have a vested interest in the field of educational interpreting. We appreciate your support! 

Please direct any questions regarding the EICOE to NAIE Vice President Dr. Deborah Cates (


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