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Professional Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings (First Edition)

Guidelines Presentation

We are excited to share with you a summary of key points from the Professional Standards and Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings, which were released in January, 2019.  This self-paced presentation outlines the overarching components of the Guidelines and rationale for their inclusion that you can use to inform your own practice and/or share with other stakeholders. You can view this presentation here: Summary of Professional Standards and Guidelines

Call for Interpreters

NAIE is seeking passionate, dedicated interpreters for our 2023  virtual webinars and other NAIE events.  This is a chance for you to provide access to your deaf and hearing colleagues with content that is relevant to the educational interpreting profession! If you are interested in joining us, please download and complete the application , then send it to


Since the release of the Guidelines, the NAIE has fielded numerous questions and concerns from various stakeholders.  Therefore, we’ve outlined some of the most common inquiries in this Guidelines FAQ to provide an avenue for official guidance from the NAIE.  This document will be periodically updated as new topics emerge. You can view the FAQ here: Guidelines FAQ

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