Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Professional Development

NAIE recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development and wants to support collective knowledge and skill-building while members continue their education in other ways. NAIE is looking to expand our professional development offerings in order to provide relevant and useful training in the area of educational interpreting.
  • Provide at least six high quality continuing education and training opportunities for members annually.
  • Host and/or partner to provide a national conference on interpreting in education (virtual and/or in-person) in 2023 and 2025.
  • Partner with other organizations that provide training for educational interpreters to support NAIE members.

Leadership Development

NAIE is making a long-term investment in training members as leaders to advocate for state standards/credentials and address issues important to educational interpreters and other stakeholders within deaf education. 
  • Provide NAIE Board Members with team-building and leadership training including, but not limited to, topics on board service, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), allyship, and how to strengthen organizational partnerships.
  • Identify and/or create resources as well as training opportunities to support members interested in becoming leaders in the field.
  • Create guidelines to support individuals on how to promote professional standards and practices.

Certification & Credentialing

NAIE is pursuing the establishment of a certification program. While we understand the certification process is a complex issue in the interpreting field, the long-term goal is to have credentials are recognized and enforced at the state-level as minimum requirements for both deaf & hearing educational interpreters.  Establish a task force including key stakeholders and leaders to:
  • Publish a whitepaper on the importance of certification for the educational interpreting field by January 2023.
  • Research credentialing program structures and provide a full report to the NAIE Board by January 2024.
  • Task force members, along with the NAIE Board, develop an action plan by January 2025.

Collaborative Partnerships

 NAIE is aware that this work cannot be done in a silo. In order to achieve our strategic plan goals of developing leaders in the field, providing well-rounded professional development, and establishing a certification program, collaborative partnerships and relationships are necessary to move forward.  
  • Seek out partnering agreements with other organizations that have a vested interest in educational interpreting services on strategic plan initiatives.
  • Develop collaborative relationships with organizations that support the education of deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind students.
  • Continue building on collaborative relationships and seek additional opportunities with adjacent organizations in the field.
If you have any questions about the strategic plan, please contact for more information.
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