State Ambassadors

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State Ambassador Job Description


NAIE seeks to empower professional educational interpreters as State Ambassadors to serve alongside the board to help promote the mission and values of our organization. The wealth of knowledge, skill sets, and connections our State Ambassadors have with various state leaders in both the interpreting and education professions are an asset to NAIE in achieving our mission to serve the communities.

Position Title

NAIE State Ambassador


Appointed State

Reports to

NAIE Vice President

Length of Appointment

The State Ambassador appointed position will last one term (1 year). State Ambassadors are welcome to reapply at the end of each term to serve an additional term.  Term starts April 1 and ends the last day of March.  There is no limit to how many terms served.

Time Commitment
  • Commit 1-3 hours per week working on NAIE duties
  • Willingness to commit additional time when required (i.e. membership drive, travel for conferences, events, etc.)
Ambassador Requirements and Qualifications
  • Active NAIE member in good standing
  • Currently employed as a K-12 educational interpreter
  • Connection with state leaders in the state represented
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills in a variety of platforms
  • Willingness to travel to represent NAIE in variety of platforms
  • Involvement in the professional field and state department of education
    • Up to date with current information that would impact our profession and organization
  • Outgoing and relational personality
    • Responsibility to meet new people and build connections
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other ambassadors and board members
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, not limited to the following:
    • Coordinate to schedule NAIE vendor table at conferences and events. 
    • Coordinate speaking opportunities at conferences and events. 
    • Contact state ambassador coordinator to secure items for NAIE booth (table cloth, resources, etc.)
  • Self-motivated and reliable 
    • Seeks out opportunities to represent NAIE in the state
    • Seeks out opportunities to build rapport with professionals and peers
  • Professional appearance and attitude that represents NAIE in a positive, professional manner among peers and professionals
  • Knowledge and professional use of social media is preferred to promote NAIE
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recruit new NAIE members 
  • Promote NAIE, including the benefits of the organization and training opportunities available for interpreters (social media, host NAIE booth and/or present at conferences, workshops, events, etc.) 
  • Serve as the initial point of contact for educational interpreters in the represented state
  • Attend monthly State Ambassador meetings via video conferencing
  • Continue to be an active member with good standing in the NAIE
  • Devote time and energy to communicate with both NAIE members and non-members, (state leaders, stake-holders, etc.)
  • Report monthly work to the NAIE Vice President
  • Research and gather information for NAIE when requested
  • Training will be provided 
  • Resources will be provided
  • Specific dress code may be required for events, conferences, workshops, etc. when representing NAIE. Check with the Vice President for dress code preferences when hosting an NAIE booth or presenting at conferences on behalf of NAIE
  • As a professional working alongside other professionals in the education field, demonstrate a professional dress code in various settings. Keep in mind that you will be setting the presence of NAIE with professionals who may have not previously come in contact with NAIE and/or Interpreter professionals
  • Represent NAIE in a positive manner, supporting the vision and goals of the organization, with a willingness to work alongside the board members and state ambassadors to accomplish various tasks

Priority for State Ambassador appointments will go to educational interpreter members living in the state they are representing. For more information and general inquiries about the State Ambassador program contact NAIE Vice President at 

If you believe you demonstrate these qualifications and are willing to fulfill these duties, please contact our Vice President at

Current State Ambassadors

State State Ambassador Email Address
Alaska Laura Miller
Arizona Whitney Weirick
Arkansas Allyson Caruthers
Colorado Kathy Randolph
Georgia Shasta Ralston
Idaho Stetson Stanger
Maryland Heather Beck
Massachusetts Dion Fitzpatrick
Michigan Megan Seipke-Dame
Montana Brandy Reinhardt
Nebraska Sarah McClure
Nevada Ehren Dei
New Jersey Ryan Soule
Ohio Colleen Ticherich
Pennsylvania Melissa Hopkins
South Carolina Sarah Clardy
South Dakota Wayne Tesky
Tennessee Danielle Petersen
Utah Jennifer Rawlings
Virginia Jennifer Cranston
Washington John Huddlestun
Wisconsin Keith Burisek