Date Information Last Verified: 03/12/2023

Standards for Permanent Credential

The standards listed below reflect the minimum requirements to work as an educational interpreter in this state.

  • Pre-Service Education: None Specified
  • Skill Verification:  RID Certification (except with NAD III), EIPA 4.0 plus EIPA:WT, TECUnit, BEI Advanced (within three years), Other Exam by Reciprocity (following 201 KAR 39:080)
  • Knowledge Verification: EIPA:WT for licensure with the EIPA (RID (CASLI), BEI, and TECUnit already include a written/knowledge component)
  • Renewal Timeline: Annually
  • Continuing Education: 15 hours annually
  • Additional Comments:

Standards for Provisional Credential

  • Is a provisional credential available? Yes
  • What is required for the provisional credential? Plan of supervision AND NIC written or EIPA:WT or 18 hours of CDI training for deaf interpreters AND ONE of the following: 1) NAD III plus current certification, 2) SCPI/SLPI Advanced or higher within three years, 3) ASLPI 3+ within three years, 4) EIPA 3.0 or higher, 5) BEI Basic or higher within three years
  • How long can one hold a provisional credential? Up to five years for a hearing interpreter, up to ten years for a Deaf interpreter

State Resources

For a list of current NAIE State Ambassadors click here.

For a list of currently available programs in your state visit the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) website.

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