Gift Ideas for Educational Interpreters

Looking for gift ideas for the sign language interpreter in your life? Let us help! We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you navigate the holiday season and beyond.

1. NAIE Membership ($30 Student Member, $60 Member)

Membership is the gift that keeps on giving. This one-year membership gift is full of free professional development opportunities such as online webinars, professional networking with educational interpreters from across the nation, discounts to the biennial national conference, and more! Click here for more information

2. Rocketbook ($30, Executive)

For the environmentally friendly person who enjoys handwriting and drawing notes, these notebooks use Pilot Frixon pens with pages that can be wiped clean with a cloth and water. Rocketbook also offers these corner beacons to capture white board notes. Rocketbook makes it easy to electronically save notes and upload to your favorite cloud storage or send them via email.  Click here for more information

3.  “Complexities in Educational Interpreting: An Investigation into Patterns of Practice” ($30, book)

Written by Leilani J. Johnson, Marty M. Taylor, Brenda Schick, Susan E. Brown, and Laurie Bolster, this book looks closely at the work of interpreters in K-12 settings in the United States. It’s one of the most recent publications about the field and a perfect read for any interpreter. Click here for more information.

4.  Support a deaf-owned business or artist

There are many worthy deaf businesses out there that deserve your support. Ask around, seek recommendations from friends/family or check out some of these faves: 258CreativeCraft Language Priority Keepsake T-Shirt Quilts  Rich’s ASL Hands

5.  Fun patterned socks ($10, pair)

Interpreters typically wear plain tops in contrasting colors to their skin to ensure deaf students can see an interpreter’s hands as clear as possible. Interpreters may be limited in their wardrobe for tops but socks are a clever way to sneak in a little pizazz. Check out these fun patterned socks displaying the American Sign Language alphabet.

6.  Paraffin wax spa for hands and feet ($63)

Paraffin treatments are a great way to support the working hands of interpreters. Paraffin wax has been known for its health benefits such as easing stiff joints and pain from arthritis while keeping the skin moisturized. Click here for more information.

7.  Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls ($10, set of two)

Harder than your average tennis ball, these massagers are meant to remove tension and muscle knots. Lacrosse balls are a perfect stocking stuffer for the working interpreter to keep in the car, desk drawer, work bag, home, and other convenient locations for quick access to relief. PS: there are a variety of colors available, too! Click here for more information.

8.  American Sign Language Scrabble Tiles ($15, set)

For the gamer, these Scrabble tiles in the American Sign Language alphabet are a fun twist on the classic game and encourages family and friends to learn ASL! Click here for more information.

9.  ASL and Deaf Culture Films (Varies)

There are a variety of ASL and Deaf Culture films for the movie lover. Here are a few selections to get you started:

The Hammer


No Ordinary Hero

Rent  |  DVD 

See What I’m Saying

Rent  |  DVD

Love is Never Silent


10.  Night time Wrist Sleep Support ($22)

“When an interpreter is working on an assignment, they might be subconsciously or unknowingly moving their wrists in an unhealthy position.” (Gordon, 2017) It is common for sign language interpreters to experience repetitive motion injuries, especially in the hands and arms. Sleep supports like this can help reduce pain in the wrists. Click here for more information.
Don’t forget that NAIE participates in the AmazonSmile program if you are shopping online. Register us as your nonprofit of choice here and simply use when you checkout and we get a donation! Got an idea for another gift? Share your recommendations by contacting us today at
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