Dear Colleagues: Stop AAPI Hate

March 22, 2021

Dear Colleagues, 

We write to you today in response to the horrendous events that took place against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community on March 16th in Georgia.  We believe everyone has the right to walk through this life without fear and violence; regardless of our race, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender identity, citizenship status, or any other personal attributes.  Yet, we continue to see examples of suffering and senseless attacks such as this.  

To the families and friends who are grieving the loss of loved ones, we extend our sincerest and heartfelt sentiments. We stand in solidarity with you during this time of grief and hope they may rest in power. 

Hyun J. Grant
Yong A. Yue
Suncha Kim
Soon C. Park
Xiaojie Tan
Daoyou Feng
Deliana Ashley Yuan
Paul Andre Michels

To our members who are part of the AAPI communities, please know you are respected and valued as part of our professional community. 


To those who have family and friends in AAPI communities, we hope you feel supported by us as you support those close to you experiencing fear and pain. 


Addressing the internalized racism among us and within us can start by feeling outraged at these senseless acts of violence, but it cannot stop there. We must:


Listento the AAPI communities to ensure we validate their experiences. 


Learn about AAPI communities and the connections between anti-Asian, anti-Blackness, and other forms of racism. 


Look…. within and outward in continual examination of our biases. Look for opportunities to speak out with AAPI communities and other marginalized groups against all forms of oppression. 


“No matter how open-minded, socially conscious, anti-racist I think I am, I still have old, learned hidden biases that I need to examine. It is my responsibility to check myself daily for my stereotypes, prejudice, and, ultimately, discrimination.” 



On Thursday March 25th 7pm ET, Asian Signers, in collaboration with Gallaudet University, is hosting the conversation, “Are Asians too Invisible? Let’s Talk about Hate Speech.” We encourage you to attend this event if you can. 

Please take care and give yourselves the space and time you need to process this information so that we can continue to improve our abilities to be anti-racist in our daily lives and work.  


NAIE Board of Directors


Additional Resources:

NAIE would like to thank Elisa Peterson and Scottie Allen for sharing these valuable resources with us:


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