About the NAIE Board

The NAIE Board will act on behalf of the association by actively participating in organizational planning and decision making, acting as trustees, and ensuring a sustainable future by practicing sound, ethical, and legal governance.

The NAIE Bylaws outline minimum qualifications to be a board member while the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) describes roles, responsibilities, and expertise necessary for each board position to fulfill NAIE’s mission. 

**UPDATE MAY 2022**

New NAIE Board of Directors Structure!

NAIE has been going through a period of transition. During this time of transformation, NAIE has appointed an Interim Board of Directors (listed below) to focus on updating NAIE’s bylaws, policies and procedures, and board structure to reflect the needs of the organization. We are ready to recruit interested and passionate individuals who will fill vacancies within the NEW board structure. To learn more about the duties and responsibilities for each board position see the NAIE Policies & Procedures Manual (do not request editing access). 


Apply by June 1, 2022

Board Members

Stephanie Zito, MS, NIC

Stephanie (aka “Zito”) hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently works for the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.  Zito has been a certified interpreter and C-Print captionist for over ten years. After receiving her Bachelor’s in American Sign Language Interpreting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she went on to earn her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She has served in a variety of leadership capacities with local, state, and national organizations. 

Deborah Cates, PhD

Dr. Cates (Deb) is the Sign Language Program Coordinator at the Iowa School for the Deaf. She oversees staff sign language development, the administration of the SLPI program, and educational interpreter professional development in the state of Iowa. Deb has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, Davis, where she studied sign language structure and processing under Dr. David Corina. She has a long-time affiliation with Gallaudet University’s Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2). Her research interests include the relationship between form and meaning in signed languages, bilingual education, and the cognitive demands of simultaneous interpreting. She actively develops research-based practices for interpreter skill development. Deb also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Deaf Studies with an Interpreting Emphasis and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from California State University, Northridge. She has been in the field of educational interpreting in middle school, high school and university settings since 2003. She is a licensed interpreter in the state of Iowa with her EIPA score of 4.7 in Secondary PSE, as well as a licensed interpreter in the state of Nebraska with her Mid-America QAST Level V in Interpreting.

Pat Himes, Colorado, AEI


Pat currently serves as an EIPA Proctor in the State of Colorado.  She also serves as a mentor for Educational Interpreters through the Colorado Department of Education and as a resource to CDE on issues related to Educational Interpreters.

Keith Burisek, BA, BEI Basic 

After graduating from the interpreter program from NTC, in Wausau, WI in 2010, Keith began working for the Wisconsin School for the Deaf as a teaching assistant. He also worked for the Wisconsin Lions Camp. During his time at WSD, he was able to chaperone a trip to Gallaudet University, as well as to Paris, France with the first Deaf French Student Exchange pilot program in 2011. Keith also worked in Eau Claire, WI as an educational and freelance interpreter working in a variety of settings and completed his BA interpreting degree in 2014 through Siena Heights University.  He joined WESP-DHH Outreach in 2018 as the Interpreting Specialist supporting Educational Interpreters throughout Wisconsin through mentoring, workshops, advocacy, and assessments as a proctor for the EIPA through BoysTown Research Hospital. Keith has also achieved EIPA 4.2 and BEI Basic (community and educational license in WI). In 2019, Keith became a state ambassador for NAIE. Keith is married to his beautiful wife Angela. They have one dog, Bonnie, and a cat, Beau, who make their house a home in Janesville, WI. 


Allyson Caruthers, BA

Allyson currently holds a QAST, EIPA 3.1 and an Arkansas license. After graduating from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock with her BA in ASL/English Interpretation, she has gone on to work in the local Deaf community in Arkansas. She is also a Support Service Provider (SSP) through Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) for individuals who are DeafBlind. Allyson has worked in a variety of settings. Currently, she works as an Educational Interpreter for a public school district in Central Arkansas. Her favorite setting to interpret is Education and working with the DeafBlind community. Allyson currently serves on several committees for the Arkansas Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (ARID). Allyson serves on the DeafBlind Camp Planning Committee for Arkansas DeafBlind Community (ADBC). She also is the Arkansas State Ambassador for NAIE. Allyson currently lives in Central Arkansas. She has two dogs, Levi and Rudy.