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Standards for Permanent Credential

The standards listed below reflect the minimum requirements to work as an educational interpreter in this state.

  • Pre-Service Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Skill Verification:  RID, EIPA 4.0+
  • Knowledge Verification: Yes
  • Renewal Timeline: N/A
  • Continuing Education: N/A
  • Additional Comments: The information for the skill requirement is found in the .docx file “Adoption of Guidance for Special Education Personnel” under (IEP) Amendment

Standards for Provisional Credential 

  • Is a provisional credential available? Yes
  • What is required for the provisional credential? PD Plan
  • How long can one hold a provisional credential? 4 Years

Interpreter Training Programs

For a list of currently available programs in your state visit the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) website