Mission Statement

The National Association of Interpreters in Education, NAIE, is an organization of interpreters who provide services to support the communication needs of students in educational settings.  The NAIE promotes the pursuit of professional excellence regarding interpreting services in these settings.

The purpose of the NAIE will be to identify and support best practices within the field, advocate for its members, provide continuing education, networking, resources and other professional opportunities.


The NAIE believes students who are deaf/hard of hearing have the right to access the educational environment using professional interpreting services which provide communication in the modality determined by the Individual Education Plan or 504 plan and as required by IDEA and state education agencies.

Therefore,  The NAIE believes this organization is critical in order to support, collaborate and advocate for interpreters in education by acknowledging and addressing the complex challenges of the work, and advancing the field through research, professional development, and partnerships with educational stakeholders.

The NAIE also believes a professional interpreter working in an educational setting is an individual who holds specialized academic and professional credentials that include knowledge and skill sets for the educational environment, adheres to a high standard of ethical practices and professional integrity, pursues excellence through professional development opportunities that continually enhance the quality of the services provided, values, respects and advocates for the advancement of the profession, and, engages in collegial relationships with interpreting peers and other members of the educational team.