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Webinar: “Identifying & Conveying Key Vocabulary ”

Presented by: Stephen Fitzmaurice, PhD.

Presenter Bio: Stephen Fitzmaurice is an Assistant Professor of Interpreting: American Sign Language (ASL), and lead faculty for the ASL-English Educational Interpreting program at Clemson University. Dr. Fitzmaurice earned his Ph.D. in Interpretation from Gallaudet University and a Master of Interpreter Pedagogy degree from Northeastern University. He holds several national interpreter certifications from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, the National Association of the Deaf and an Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment 4.5. Stephen is the Director of the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center and has worked as a professional ASL-English interpreter for over thirty years. Dr. Fitzmaurice lectures extensively on developing interpreting skills for in-service ASL-English interpreters and has scholarly interests spanning metacognitive processing of interpreters; perceptions of interpreters’ role; ASL linguistics; literacy development of Deaf children; and educational access via interpreting services.         

Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Time: 9am-11am PT / 10am-12pm MT / 11am-1pm CT / 12pm-2pm ET

Workshop Description: Representing key vocabulary in an interpretation is a vital, yet difficult to master skill when working between ASL and English.  Interpreters often struggle identifying and conveying key vocabulary.  As also reflected in national results (Johnson, Schick, & Bolster, 2015; Schick 2005), nationwide Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) data indicate identifying key vocabulary and fingerspelling are one of the lowest ranking criterion scores (Schick, 2005).

This webinar will explore how to identify and convey key vocabulary using a bow tie strategy in classroom discourse.  Participants will practice recognizing key vocabulary while interpreting and rehearse conveying such in a linguistically appropriate way.

*This webinar will be presented in ASL only*

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